Which Dogfood Is The Best For Your Dog?-Homemade Dog Food Diet Plan



Homemade Dog Food Diet Plan

Many people have found fantastic success on the keto diet regimen when it pertains to losing weight, reducing blood glucose levels, improving cognitive function, and feeling better as a whole.

However, what about man’s best friend? Can dogs experience the very same benefits from following a keto diet? Nevertheless, canines are prone to most of the very same conditions people are, such as excessive weight and diabetic issues.

As the increase in popularity of the ketogenic diet regimen continues, lots of people are turning to ketogenic dog food to help their family pets attain the very same results.

KetoNatural Pet Foods, Inc will optimize your dog’s body composition so that they can shed more fat by eating like Mother Nature intended for them too.


What Is KetoNatural Pet Foods, Inc

. KetoNatural Pet Foods was founded by Daniel Schulof, who is likewise the author of Dogs, Dog Food, and Dogma. The book includes a four-year research study project that provided links between persistent disease and pet food. He spent four years of his life investigating and writing it, highlighting the evidence linking carb consumption with the most usual persistent diseases facing modern day pets. It was hailed by academics and vet clinicians alike and called “the most extensive and probing canine nutrition book ever written.”.

While they are still a small company, they are making substantial waves in the dog food industry by revealing the reality regarding carbohydrates in a dogs diet regimen. The huge dog food companies do not want you to know the carbs that are in their food as fillers, nor are they obligated to inform you.


KetoNatural Ingredients


KetoNatural dog food comes in 2 flavors: chicken and salmon. Both are in kibble form. They also sell single-ingredient chicken liver dog treats that are made with freeze-dried chicken livers.

Here are some of the crucial ingredients in both flavors: chicken or salmon, chicken or salmon meal, pea protein, ground green peas, oat hulls, pea fiber, flaxseed meal, phosphoric acid, gelatin, sunflower oil, and a vitamin and mineral blend.

Here is the nutritional breakdown of the salmon flavor:

  • Crude Fat: 11.0%.
  • Dietary Starch: 7.0%.
  • Crude Fiber: 11.0%.
  • Sugar: 0.5%.
  • Crude Protein: 46.0%.

The chicken flavor includes the following:

  • Crude Fat: 16.0%.
  • Dietary Starch: 5.0%.
  • Crude Fiber: 11.0%.
  • Sugar: 0.5%.
  • Crude Protein: 46.0%.

Essentially there is no “bad stuff” such as by-product meals or artificial flavors. No corn, no rice, no wheat. No potatoes, no barley, no sweet potatoes. No cereal grains or tubers of any kind. KetoNatural dog food does not have any fillers, preservatives, or inexpensive ingredients that are nutritionally-poor and may result in inflammation, such as wheat, corn, and soy.Homemade Dog Food Diet Plan

KetoNatural products are full of the stuff that dogs were intended to have in their diet regimens by nature, no fillers loaded with carbs.

A minimum of 90% of the protein comes from meat or fish. That’s more than any one of the big name “ultra-premium” kibbles.




Why KetoNatural?


In short … 90% less carbohydrates and two times the meat than all other huge brands of kibble.

There have actually been numerous studies revealing that canines do not benefit from a lot of carbohydrates, yet large companies continue to utilize them as fillers in their food due to the fact that they are cheap. Meat-based protein costs 3 times as much as plant-derived carbs.

Pet food companies aren’t required to disclose their carbohydrate content, so they don’t. It’s less complicated to slap a wolf on the bag and play games with the ingredient list than to make healthy dog food, so that’s what the majority of brand names do.

Big kibble has worked tirelessly to hide the unhealthy effects of carbohydrates from consumers and vets.

Peer-reviewed research studies have actually linked carb intake to all manner of health problems in canines, including inflammation, obesity, diabetes, raised insulin and blood glucose level, cancers, and even general mortality.



Benefits of KetoNatural


Good things happen when dogs eat proteins and fats, rather than tons of carbs.

Fat and protein are essential for dogs. Carbs aren’t. Your dog’s ancestors consumed meat, fat, and nothing else for 99.9% of their genetic evolution. Mother nature knows best.

Just to name a few advantages:

  • All KetoNatural dog food is made in the U.S.A. with all-natural ingredients, including a vitamin and mineral mix.
  • Comes in 2 flavors: chicken and salmon.
  • Contains NO cereal grains, wheat, soy, potatoes, corn, and synthetic flavors or colors.
  • Provides less than 8% carbohydrates per salmon flavor serving (6% for chicken flavor).
  • Might help promote weight-loss and lower blood glucose levels in canines.
  • Comes with a 100% money-back guarantee.
  • Features a kibble food, which is much easier to clean and more convenient than a raw food diet regimen.

KetoNatural dog food appeals to your dog’s omnivorous palate by integrating lean meats, fish, and fiber-rich plant foods, such as green peas and flaxseeds. The addition of fiber from oat hulls and peas aids in digestibility to help reduce inflammation and keep your dog feeling their best.

As mentioned previously, KetoNatural dog food does not consist of any kind of fillers, preservatives, or cheap ingredients that are nutritionally-poor and might lead to inflammation, and other issues such as wheat, corn, and soy.

Another advantage is that it will deliver straight to your door. No more hauling large bags of carbohydrate filled kibble through the store.


Final thought

As we know, the keto diet plan has terrific results in people. Studies Are likewise showing now that canines do not need many carbohydrates in any way, and actually is triggering health problems in canines. It actually makes sense if you think about it, Your canines forefathers were not running around eating grains and soy and so on.

Trying KetoNatural is risk free, Feed your pup for 30 days, and if you’re not pleased with the switch, get 100% of your money back. No return shipping. No risk.

It will deliver directly to your door, you can even create a shipping plan based on your unique situation, and never run out. We say give it a try, its risk free, and may change your dog’s life.Homemade Dog Food Diet Plan



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